Costs budgets and costs management orders under Part 3 of the CPR are now well established.  Parties in multi-track matters, in all but a few cases, find themselves having to deal with costs budgeting and costs management, potentially facing serious consequences if they get things wrong.

It has never been so important for parties to know what they are spending and are likely to spend in terms of legal costs as a case begins and progresses and to realistically budget for their case going forward.   That has recently been shown in cases from the Court of Appeal such as Harrison v University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust [2017] WECA Civ 792.

It is crucial to get things right to maximise costs recovery if successful and minimise costs exposure if unsuccessful. We know it is not an easy task – looking into the future to quantify the expected, let alone the unexpected – but we are here to help.

Our team here at GWS Costs work with you at every stage to ensure the very best outcome for you and your client.  We are experienced in providing a comprehensive and reliable costs budgeting and costs management service, including:

  • The preparation of your client’s initial costs budget (Precedent H);
  • Considering and challenging your opponent’s costs budget including the preparation of Budget Discussion Reports (Precedent R) and submissions where necessary;
  • Undertaking between-the-party negotiations for you on costs budgets;
  • Where appropriate, attendance to represent your client at costs management hearings, and where necessary or desired, alongside you or your Counsel;
  • Where it is more appropriate or desired, working alongside you or your Counsel prior to the costs management hearing, preparing outline submissions to assist you or your Counsel when attending costs management hearings;
  • Ongoing advice (including any necessary updating of costs budgets) following the agreement or approval of costs budgets right up to and including detailed assessment of costs should that prove necessary.

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you and tailor our services to your needs.

We can work for you on a conventional and competitive hourly rate basis or on the basis of a fixed fee, whichever is most appropriate in your client’s case.

It is vital to have someone with experience who is on your side dealing with your costs budgeting and costs management needs.

Contact us – we are here to help.