Range of services:

    • Costs Budgeting – A crucial part of the new litigation landscape.  We offer a full service including drafting initial budgets, advising on opposing parties’ budgets, attending the initial CCMC and advising on ongoing costs throughout a case. [Read more…]
    • Precedent R Budget Discussion Reports – This is often a neglected part of the costs budgeting process but one which can have a significant impact on the outcome of the budgeting process. [Read more…]
    • Drafting Bills of Costs – We offer a professional bill drafting service for all types of civil litigation and Court of Protection work.
    • Drafting Points of Dispute – Whether our clients require the preparation of Points of Dispute as part of a wider package or as a limited instruction, we draft technically excellent, but realistic, pleadings. [Read more…]
    • Drafting Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) – We can advise solicitors or counsel on the most suitable form of Conditional Fee Agreement to offer their clients and draft a bespoke agreement to meet their requirements. [Read more…]
    • Advocacy – All our fee earners are trained advocates and are therefore able to provide the highest quality of representation at court, whether it is costs budgeting hearing, costs application, detailed assessment or costs appeal.  We attend assessment hearings and appeals throughout England and Wales including the Senior Courts Costs Office and the High Court.
    • Advising – We see our advisory role as encompassing the whole litigation process.  We provide advice on costs consequences at key stages throughout the life of a claim, such as at CMC, listing and pre-settlement.  Post-settlement we provide comprehensive advices on cost claims, both in conjunction with other services and as a stand-alone service. Our experience of dealing with high value, complex and test litigation makes us a genuine alternative to specialist costs counsel for detailed written advices on all aspects of costs law.
    • Negotiating – Although many of our clients choose to undertake negotiations themselves, and utilise our services only for certain tasks, we offer a full negotiating service where required.  All fee earners have received advanced negotiating training enabling us to negotiate from a position of strength.
    • Training – We offer free in-house training to all our existing clients.  Our training focuses on the proactive steps that fee earners can take to minimise third party costs before they are incurred and maximise own costs recovery. [Read more…]  

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